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Attorney & CPA, Ellyn B. Tanenberg
Attorney & CPA, Ellyn B. Tanenberg Reviews

Review: Ellyn was nothing less than superb in helping us through a fairly complicated tax situation. She was meticulous and accurate in reviewing multiple prior tax records in order to definitively identify and address the issue(s). She was consistent in communication with us and adamantly advocated on our behalf with the state tax office in order for them to ultimately rectify their mistake. In every communication, either in-person or by phone, Ellyn was personable, hospitable, and truly invested in... Read More

Gerald W. Kelly - Tax Attorney
Gerald W. Kelly - Tax Attorney Reviews

Review: I confidently refer clients to Jerry and have never been disappointed. Always responsive and a great support staff. All stars! Read More

Virginia Tax Attorney: Glen E. Frost
Virginia Tax Attorney: Glen E. Frost Reviews

Review: I wrote to Virginia Tax Attorney through their website due to an issue with lost MD tax returns. I heard back within less than 24 hours, and Mr. Glen Frost was flexible in our communications since we are currently overseas. Mr. Frost was approachable and extremely helpful. He gained my trust when he advised that we first submit our issue to the Ombudsman, and see whether we could resolve it ourselves, rather than procure his legal services. I really appreciated his responsiveness and accurate i... Read More

Washington Tax Attorney IRS Tax Settlement
Washington Tax Attorney IRS Tax Settlement Reviews

Review: Being a self employed truck driver and owing a lot of money to Uncle Sam, I did not want to take on the IRS on my own. And I can tell you now that I am very glad I called this law firm. They released the levy that the IRS had placed on my bank account and they immediately settled my tax bill. I actually ended up not having to pay the IRS anything at all, so I can truly say that they exceeded my expectations. Nothing but great things to say about this company. Read More

LLC, Frost & Associates
LLC, Frost & Associates Reviews

Review: I love this amazing company. My visit today was awesome. Thank you. Read More

Gabaie Tax Law- Maryland Tax Attorney
Gabaie Tax Law- Maryland Tax Attorney Reviews

Review: He did a great job fixing my mistakes! Read More

P.C., The Law Offices of Joseph H. Thibodeau
P.C., The Law Offices of Joseph H. Thibodeau Reviews

Review: Great team!
Very professional and knowledgeable, helped me understand the confusing world of taxes. Read More

CPA, Attorney, Philip M. Falco
CPA, Attorney, Philip M. Falco Reviews

Review: Phil has done my taxes (personal and business) for the past couple of years. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and a genuinely nice person. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking tax advice or in the process of looking for a great accountant! Read More

McGuire Law Firm
McGuire Law Firm Reviews

Review: John is by far the top tax lawyer in Colorado. I called around and many of his competitors will scare you into much higher rates, at a time your most vulnerable.

John was different. He is like having both a friend and a professional represent you. He follows up with you and the IRS promptly, and let you know all of your options at an affordable man rate. Truely a godsend. Thank you John Read More

Michael M Noyes PC
Michael M Noyes PC Reviews

Review: Calm & Cool Operator with a Shrewd Demeanor. Represented My Family Well!

I received a referral from LegalShield to Mr. Noyes to assist in a family members bankruptcy in which I had an interest in the estate's assets.

Mr. Noyes never overpromised me any outcome but discussed with me what he felt were my best options based on the facts. What I liked right away was his very straight-forward and direct demeanor. He would listen to me discuss my frustrations then would give excellen... Read More

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