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JD, LLC: Deena Buchanan, Buchanan Law Firm
JD, LLC: Deena Buchanan, Buchanan Law Firm Reviews

Review: Buchanan Law firm is incredible, feirce, timely, and the the networking is knowledgeable, Deena works and has worked diligently with my case. Her turn around on response is amazing, the experience was clear cut truthful... Appreciate working with you and your team...
Congratulations on your business and Win... Read More

Michael C. Bell Law Firm
Michael C. Bell Law Firm Reviews

Review: Awesome group of people and quality job done by all Read More

PLLC, Johnson & Bennett
PLLC, Johnson & Bennett Reviews

Review: I have personally worked for Tressa and Kristy. They are two amazing women. Read More

Tennessee Employment Law Center
Tennessee Employment Law Center Reviews

Review: I think it is a great website to search for reputable job postings Read More

Gilbert McWherter Scott Bobbitt PLC
Gilbert McWherter Scott Bobbitt PLC Reviews

Review: Attorney Justin Gilbert is a very skilled attorney. He has been a huge supporter during a very difficult situation in my life. He is someone who you can put your full confidence in and know that he is not doing it for the money and is totally invested in your cause and will not let you down! Read More

Miller & Martin PLLC
Miller & Martin PLLC Reviews

Review: They have 2 attorneys who work for Metropolitan Ministries on the corner of Spruce and McCallie pro Bono 2 days a month who have helped me with this and that. I recommend Charles Lee for your legal needs especially if you are over 65. Read More

Law office of Stephen s duggins
Law office of Stephen s duggins Reviews

Review: I believe he can win my case. Before he took it he did some deep research and asked alot of questions to see if it would help win the case. I think he is one of the best attorneys in his field. What I like he has just a few areas he covers he's not a general lawyer covering everything and I think that gives him more experience in the fields that he does practice. Read More

LLC, Stephenson & Murphy
LLC, Stephenson & Murphy Reviews

Review: If you think you're fighting a losing battle, call Stephenson and Murphy. Read More

P.C., Brian Murphy Law Firm
P.C., Brian Murphy Law Firm Reviews

Review: I contracted with Mr. Murphy on in employment discrimination issue while I was filing for Disability at the same time, caused by the stress of my job situation. Not only was Mr. Murphy non-receptive, at one point he refused to even speak with me. I had is an extremely strong case against my employers and he pushed my husband to take a very so low settlement. Now I am stuck with large medical bills. I now have Social Security disability and retirement disability from my job. Read More

P.A., Mann Law Firm
P.A., Mann Law Firm Reviews

Review: Extremely Professional !!! Read More

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