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Review Left On 02/27/2020

Jon is the best attorney out there. He is very honest, extremely thorough, and really cares about his clients. He is extremely knowledgeable, he would tell you the outcome of the case in his first meeting. Just follow his lead and trust his suggestions without any doubt. I had complicated child custody case, I am extremely satisfied with the outcome. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone who finds themselves going through a divorce or child custody dispute.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Haley Ghiringhelli

I came to Jon for help with my domestic violence/restraining order case. My last experience with a family law attorney was a negative one, so I was apprehensive about choosing an attorney to represent me this time around. I decided to go with Jon after reading so many positive reviews, and I’m glad i did. He knew my case was time-sensitive and got me in for a consultation right away. The entire process was smooth and stress-free, and he made me feel comfortable and less scared during one of the most difficult times of my life. You can tell he truly cares about his clients and their situations, and knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to helping them. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a family law attorney.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Steve Seifert

Jon Vonder Haar helped me through a difficult process with professionalism and empathy and at a reasonable price. I made the right choice when I chose Jon to represent me.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Debbie Hegardt

Jon was absolutely patient, understanding, compassionate and sensitive to all of my needs. He made the process as smooth and painless as possible...that is why I have referred this top notch fantastic man to my own friends and clients for any of their needs
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Benjamin Mills

Called on Thursday, was told I would get a call back same day or next day. By following Wednesday nobody had called. I tried calling again, many rings, no answer.
Review Left On 11/27/2019
Laura McCluney

Jon managed to help me navigate what was a very distressing and challenging experience as smoothly and gracefully as possible. He was always professional and helpful. I would highly recommend this practice.
Review Left On 11/27/2019
Protective Coatings

This firm never gave the consideration of a return phone call after taking all of my information.
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Charles Tatum

I think like many people, I had a lot of preconceived notions about what to expect from a lawyer before I met Jon. To my great surprise, Jon has been one of the friendliest, most helpful, and accessible professionals I've ever encountered. What I appreciated more than anything else was Jon's ability and willingness to explain each part of the process to me.

Not only did he do an incredible job from a legal perspective, but he also managed the rare feat of making me feel empowered on a personal level as well. Going through a difficult legal matter is never at the top of anyone's list, but at least with Jon I felt I had a dedicated and reliable advocate leading me through it.
Review Left On 07/27/2019
Stanley Crossland

I was so very hopeful. I really was. Just argggghhhhhh. I can't begin to describe how difficult it was to get Jon to listen, look at my evidence, present my evidence, recognize what it's like to experience domestic violence as a man, show attention to detail, follow through with discussed plans of action, not present declarations without first discussing with me and/or including exhibits I told him I had to provide or even prepare me properly for court. Despite repeated requests on our court date for a conference beforehand to prepare, I was repeatedly refused. During the hearing I pointed out several important issues he never brought up. I was never once given copies of final versions of declarations made on my behalf to the courts. Then he refused to give me copies of anything despite already having been paid for this work. As my friend at court with me said: "I don't think your lawyer cares, believes in you or is interested in listening to you." Very, very, very disappointed in the position I am left in, the process of starting over and the work I need to do to get my case back on track.....
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Tim Rocco

I fumbled my way through divorce. It cost too much and I felt as if I had no advocate. Found myself facing more issues with a support adjustment and found John here on Yelp. I called and explained my situation and my struggle to find good advice. He provided considerate, timely advice and brought resolution to my issues. I wish I had found him sooner.
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Gabriel Quinnan

I highly recommend Mr. Vonder Haar for your family law and employment law needs. He is very experienced and will aggressively fight for his clients' interests. I have referred many clients to him with great results.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Megan Soulliere

I was experiencing a pretty complex and very stressful situation regarding visitation. So, I decided to have a consultation with Jon Vonder Haar. He outlined the 3-4 things I should cover at my hearing and answered all of my questions. I was really stressed, but he helped me calm down. The hearing went exactly how he said it would and the situation was resolved to my satisfaction. I totally recommend Jon if you are having a divorce or family law problem.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Eric Joost

I highly recommend Attorney Jon Vonder Haar. Not only did he advocate effectively for me throughout a lengthy legal ordeal, but he also clearly understands the emotional & financial toll that the legal system can take on his clients. He is a man of great intelligence, compassion, & integrity.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Jaco Grobbelaar

Dealing with a legal case is stressful but working with Vonder Haar Law Offices helped me to have peace of mind.

Hiring Jon Vonder Haar was a great choice as he is very knowledgeable, creative in sketching alternatives and empathetic to the circumstances. His interpretation of the situation at hand was spot on and the legal strategies he developed solved the case.

He was upfront with everything right from the start and made sure I understood all the options available to me. Jon kept me up to date as the case progressed and always made sure to ask for my input when a new situation developed.

I highly recommend Vonder Haar Law Offices when you have a legal matter to resolve.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
austin Garner

Jon provide me with very considerate service. He approached my problems in a very practical manner taking into consideration my goals first and prepared me for the realistic outcome given the extremely emotional issues I was dealing with. Jon was responsive to my questions and was always available to discuss what would take place next. I was very happy to have his assistance throughout the process.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Eric liddell

Working with Jon has taken the pressure and worry off of myself tremendously. His knowledge and ability to make things come together is excellent . I would highly recommend John to anyone in the need of legal representation .
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Brian Laws

Jon provided guidance to get my spousal support reduced. He handled my case professionally and got up to speed on my case quickly. Jon is very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend his service. If you want to win, he is your guy.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Anayeli Torres

After leaving a domestic violence relationship, I needed guidance and support with filing for custody of my unborn child, and getting a restraining order. I was terrified and didn't know what to do. I looked online and came across Jon Vander Har. I read his reviews and came across a very interesting one about a woman and a similar situation as mine and how he was there to help.

Jon was very warm, comforting and understanding about the situation. He walked me through every single step we were going to take, explain everything, and was really there for me throughout the whole process !! He mentally prepared me for trial, and gave me the courage to be on the stand.

We won our case and I now have a permanent five-year restraining order against the defendant and I now have full custody of my daughter!! I would not have been able to do it without Jon!! He has been there for me every single step of the way and has done an absolutely amazing job!! I would very highly recommend him to anybody in need of an attorney!

Jon, I cannot thank you enough, you are truly a blessing!
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Samone Chrisman

Jon is amazing. Very helpful and caring through on of the most difficult situations. Glad I found a great lawyer to hold my hand through the divorce process. :)
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Rob Penrose

Jon is a great attorney! He has helped us on a couple of occasions and he gets the job done! I have referred Jon to my friends and family.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
patty fagalde

John is an absolute professional. I was referred to him through a different attorney that held him in very high regard. Because of the complicated and sensetive nature of my case I expected it to be a long, drawn out, grueling process every step of the way. It was not. John handled every detail seamlessly. He has a very diplomatic way of being no non-sense that works extremely well for him. He was very thorough and paid attention to every detail every step of the way. He kept me informed and prepared me for every step in the process. I hope to never be put in that position again, but if I am, I would call John first. I would, and have, referred him to friends and family.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Chad Wyatt

Jon is a trustworthy guy and a great lawyer. His clients are in good hands. Definitely recommended.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Ernest Saville

Mr. Vonder Haar was absolutely incredible in understanding my situation and addressing any concerns I had with a level of precision detail to the matter that was second to none.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Rebekah Lovett

SO grateful to have been referred to Jon by a close industry friend. He is a true professional, listens to his clients and provides sound legal counsel. As business owners, my husband and I have used Jon’s legal services for over 3.5 years. It is comforting to have him as a resource on our side. He is highly knowledgeable in his area of law, honest and candid with his clients when he is advising them, and operates with a high degree of integrity. We have been more than satisfied with our relationship as his clients. I highly recommend Jon to anyone needing legal representation or counsel.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Niklis Nisja

Jon is incredible. He took the time to learn about me and the issues I faced. I would strongly recommend him to anybody in need!!!
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Lana Nicoll

Jon Vonder Haar got me through one of the toughest times of my life with great professionalism and expertise. He is a phenomenal family law attorney and I cannot thank him enough for going above and beyond to help me through the process. My kids and I are forever grateful and I would recommend Jon to anyone seeking a powerful, skilled and experienced attorney.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Chris Pennock

Jon is thorough upfront and his experience exceeds that of other attorney's I've met and used. I would recommend him highly

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