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Review Left On 02/27/2020
Kellie Culvahouse

Good representation.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Dustin Daley

I cannot speak highly enough of Lindsey Bannerman, or her staff. Family court is a place no one wants to find themselves in. If you do, however, she is exactly the person you want on your team. From day one, honesty was something that she assured us we would be given - regardless of whether it may be what we want to hear - and that is what we received throughout.

From the beginning, she was there. When there were questions, she was there. Through the tears of uncertainty and worry, she was there. During the heat of each battle, she was there. Through the feelings of helplessness, she was there. If there was a moment of doubt, or a need to talk, I could always pick up the phone or send an email, and she was there.

She made it known on the day of our consultation that she would be there throughout. The day of the final hearing? She was there fighting valiantly, and afterwards so were her shoulders that I probably cried a gallon of tears on over our success. There are not enough positive words in existence that adequately describe who she is, and will always be to both myself and my family, but “angel” and “hero” are the first two that will always immediately come to mind.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Megan Daley

Lindsey was with us every step of the way throughout our custody hearing. She listened to us, answered our questions and got us the result we wanted. We would definitely recommend her and her office.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Chris Gregg

In a time of need, Lindsey and her office were there for me every step of the way. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of representation.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Paul Moran

Review Left On 02/27/2020
Jeep Girl

First off I would like Lindsey and her staff to know how appreciative I am for all of their work. They are very professional and polite. When I first went in I was afraid I would be losing all rights to see my daughter. In a matter of minutes Lindsey had allayed my fears and assured me I had nothing to worry about. Proceedings were moving quickly but Lindsey was ready for them. After the hearing I found out she was absolutely right, I had nothing to worry about. Thank you for everything!
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Виктория Реа

Thank you mrs. Bannerman for helping me and my ex-husband come to agreements as I was Pro per you were very good with communicating with me after proceedings. Also the paralegal Michael is so friendly she is very professional and inviting even if your the other party and not represented by this law office.
Review Left On 12/27/2019
Abraham Perez

It's a great awesome law office
Review Left On 11/27/2019
Angel And Erika Estrada

If you seek this law firm, be sure you have the right questions to ask how they will be an asset to your case and how they can convince you to hire them (at the end your paying them to work for you). Because all they will give you for $150 consultation fee is (to expensive for): "you can do this your self just go the self help center, always tell the truth even if the information is bad, be professional about it, dont be a jerk, and breath."

I sure wouldn't want to pay $$k to these people if they don't even sound like they got what it takes to represent me or my case. Especially when its including your kids!
Review Left On 08/27/2019
Sheila Fields

So thankful for Lindsey and her services! Had a consultation set up and she was so helpful and point me in the right direction for my situation. Thank you Lindsey for your time, so thankful for your advice.
Review Left On 06/27/2019
Martin Serrato Jr

Very helpful and attentive to my case... Highly recommend anyone to retain there services if you have to
Review Left On 05/27/2019
Brian Axie

Very friendly inviting and understating indiviual. Gained much knowlege and guidence for one visit.
Review Left On 04/27/2019
Suns Huns

Not worth the money. Did not fight at all. Waist of time and money. Should have done more. Should have been more in it for the client not the cash.
Review Left On 03/27/2019

I would like to thank Lindsey, Kevin and the Team at Law Offices of Lindsey A. Bannerman!

Prior to connection with Lindsey's team, I had gone through 3 other attorneys that all told me the same thing: "I don't have much hope in the system or my case" and that going in front of a judge would deem fruitless.

As a last ditch effort I hired the services of Lindsey and her team. She was very confident that She would be able to help and get me some sore of a better deal.

I was looking at close to $200k in child support & arrears with no relief in sight. This was going on for over 8 years.

After looking over all the court paperwork and past judgements, Kevin Massoni (an attorney on the team) found that DCSS had made a huge mistake in their accounting and I was now looking at a substantially less figure in child support & arrears.

Coupled with Lindseys' unparalleled ability to negotiate with opposing counsel not only did I not have to pay the $200k but was able to walk away with a settlement of close to 10% of that figure.

I am forever in their debt (Not Monetarily - LOL) and would highly recommend their services. Best investment I've made EVER!!!

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