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Review Left On 02/27/2018
Janani Narayanan

I work for a tech company and got referred to Elena through my employee perk (lawpoint) which pays for 30mins of consulation on a HOA matter. I tried to get hold of Elena on 12/12 over phone. I was asked to leave a message and to email her the details so that she can give me a callback. I left a detailed email with 2 specific pages of my CC&R which are confusing to me since they are contradictory to each other. I also listed 6 different options that I would understand the feasibility of. I got a response from her Elena an hour later. However, if I were to quote she responded that "on a preliminary look it seems like it is possible". She gave hand-wavy response which did not explain what she means by "it is possible". So I emailed her again reiterating that I need a 30 min consult through lawpoint. No response from her thereon. I have been calling her office everyday for the past 7 days and I have always been told that "she stepped out, I can take a message so that she can call you back" or "she is in a meeting". Unfortunately, she is the only HOA attorney I was referred to in lawpoint's network. She has been anything but helpful. If the lawyer does not intend to setup a consultation with a case referred to by "lawpoint", I do not see why she bothers to be in that network. Unprofessional to say the least.

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