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Review: Great law firm. Peter is a seasoned attorney well versed in litigation and malpractice lawsuits. Staff is friendly and they give a lot of personal attention to each client. Read More

LLC, FitzPatrick Law
LLC, FitzPatrick Law Reviews

Review: Sean is an excellent lawyer who I highly recommend. Read More

Godlove Mayhall Dzialo Dutcher
Godlove Mayhall Dzialo Dutcher Reviews

Review: The Godlove, Mayhall, Dzialo, & Dutcher firm is an excellent firm — fully equipped to handle any and all of your legal needs. They are always professional, conservative, and honest. This great group of attorneys at the firm will always go the extra mile for you. They do a great job ensuring their clients are taken care of and well-represented in all aspects. I highly recommend this firm for all of your legality concerns and needs. Read More

P.A., Wilson & Hinton
P.A., Wilson & Hinton Reviews

Review: What goes around, comes around. Read More

LLC, Ryan & Rouse, Cloud
LLC, Ryan & Rouse, Cloud Reviews

Review: Highly recommend Taylor Rouse. His knowledge is exceptional and he really takes time to listen to the important details. He communicated well throughout the whole process. Not only did he keep in touch, but he also made sure to explain all the options so we could make an informed decision. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again. When the case was finished, he got us better results than we anticipated. My only disappointment is that I cannot give him 10 stars. Read More

P. A., Bata & Mello Law Office
P. A., Bata & Mello Law Office Reviews

Review: Had consultation. Was very helpful. Did not feel rushed. But did not need to use them. Read More

LLC, The Dodd Law Firm
LLC, The Dodd Law Firm Reviews

Review: Very knowledgeable and efficient Read More

LLC, Dickson Davis Law Firm
LLC, Dickson Davis Law Firm Reviews

Review: Nope.....I'm pretty sure I did not visit this place! Good job Google!! Read More

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