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Review Left On 06/27/2019

Hired this firm when my parent died. The lawyer on my case never had an answer when I would call. He always had to get back to me. The woman owner took no responsibility for her silly staff who were a bunch of cry babies who didn't like to work hard for high bucks they were charging. When I brought it up, apparently Ms. Pascuzzi didn't like it because about a year later I heard about it after someone I know hired her. She apparently also was unethical in bringing up client/lawyer relationship. Even though I fired this firm as soon as I realized they weren't doing anything for the estate but overcharging me. The fact that Ms. Pascuzzi mentioned our business relationship to a client whom I also knew was beyond unethical. This is not a firm to be taken seriously. None of the estate paperwork was done while they were on my payroll. I would call them and they just kept me on the phone charging me per mila-second. ...it was a bad experience. See, they knew I was new to estate administration, and I felt took advantage. I'm looking into making a formal complaint about Ms. Pascuzzi's blatant violations of client/attorney priviledge. It seems she is petty and takes things very personally and for a lawyer, that is a horrible sign of not being tough enough.

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