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David B. Newman, LLC

Tax attorney in Charlotte, NC
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Review Left On 02/27/2020
Robert Miller

Accomplished tax lawyer at home with complex issues.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Brian Alt

David does excellent work and gets the job done on time and accurately!
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Tony Racheff

David is a true professional.

I appreciate how he gets straight to the point. His explanation of options are easy to understand and he instills a sense of calm to complex issues.

He communicates clearly and often to keep you up to date on the issues he is handling.

I would highly recommend David to my friends and family.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Harold Bloom

David Newman is extremely professional, and thorough, in approach to customers. He listens to their needs and wants, and follows up with excellent service.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Nancy Stratton

David is valued for his integrity and depth of knowledge/ He is sought by many for his comprehension of complex issues and his ability to make them easily understood.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
morteza naghavi

Davis is one of the most ethical and professional attorneys I’ve worked with. He gets my highest endorsement.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Robert Sayre

David has done a good job seeing that we get all deductions we are entitled to. Much better than the CPA firm we had used in the past.
IRS was demanding we pay an additional $17,195 for our 2015 taxes. With David's help we ended getting back $152 + $17.30 in interest !
Review Left On 02/27/2020

Mr. Newman was the absolute best representation I could have hired to help me fight against the IRS! Our small business got behind several years in our federal tax deposits during a slow time. As the fees and interest compiled it seemed impossible that we would ever get out of debt from the government. All attempts to deal with the situation on my own failed miserably.

Mr. Newman’s former experience working for the IRS was evident as he really knew the process and what steps to take towards resolution. His fees were beyond reasonable and he settled our debt against the IRS within 2 years. We had almost all fees and penalties removed and basically only paid the trust fund amount! I don’t know what we would have done without Mr. Newman. Trust in his abilities to help settle your IRS debt!

Thank you Mr. Newnan!
Poss Electric
Woodstock, GA
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Theodore Summers

I have been dealing with the it's since 2013. Hired two previous lawyers which did nothing for me but take my money. Then I found david newman best decision I ever made was to hire david to take both my cases,state of North Carolina and federal. I owed the state 25,800 and federal over 90,000 david was able to get the federal to settle for 9,070. We also settle with the state. David was very knowledgeable with both state and federal very highly recommended david for taking the stress off of me and my family.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Gerald Kaufman

Overview: David has a very broad background in a wide range of tax matters. He has unusual technical tax knowledge and knowledge of financial transactions, reflecting his many years as a senior tax and business adviser for Bankers Trust and Bank of America

I worked for many years with David, first as a colleague (at Bankers Trust Co) and then as a counterparty (at Bank of America). My personal experience is that David is highly regarded as having outstanding technical and transaction expertise.

David is a highly motivated person, who is driven to reach the right result and resolve the matter at hand.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Samantha Williams

Incredibly rude individual who does not have people skills.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Liz Godfrey

Mr.Newman is very knowledgeable concerning North Carolina taxes. He has always been very professional and pleasant.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Lee Godfrey

In my dealings with Mr. Newman, he has responded to my emails and phone calls in a timely manner. In our initial consultation he understood our rather unusual tax situation and contacted the State Dept of Revenue quickly. The State has been dragging it's feet and we have not gotten a final response from them, but Mr. Newman's calm approach has been very helpful.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Joe A.

After spending way too much money with a well known national company with no results, I contacted Mr. Newman. I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude toward David for the assistance that he has provided regarding my case so far. David is exceptionally professional, great with communication and extremely knowledgeable. I can tell that I am in good hands and am happy that I chose to go with David Newman to help solve my tax issues.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Scott C

David was great to work with. He explained the process completely, communicated with the IRS and charged reasonable fees considering the complexity of my case. Thank you David!
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Kyte Mills

Mr. Newman's involvement in addressing lingering and complex tax matters has been invaluable. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is facing seemingly insurmountable challenges posed by unreasonable demands by the tax system while trying to provide for the family's basic needs. His professionalism and many years of experience are reflected in the results he is able to accomplish.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Brian Elam

David has helped in a few lingering tax matters offering expert advice and guidance to help me resolve the matters. I found David easy to work with responsive and his expertise was highly valuable in resolving the matter. He offered me personalized service and demonstrated great knowledge of the complexity of the IRS.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Ron Onedertwin

I hired David Newman to represent me in a tax matter with the state of North Carolina. He insisted that I deposit cash into his banking account with 5/3 bank. I deposited 750 dollars. He said the matter would be resolved in about four weeks. Two weeks later I was unable to reach him. After contacting him multiple times he finally responded and asked me to recap my issue and submit documentation that I had submitted multiple times already. I continued to get notices from the state of North Carolina. I ultimately called myself and was advised that they hadn't heard from my power of attorney in months. David had previously told me that the matter was resolved but he had lied. I contacted him and told him I was terminating our agreement and wanted my money back. He was very responsive at that time. I refused to give him any additional time to resolve my matter. He finally indicated that he would return money. Over 8 months later I've continued to correspond with him requesting my money and each time there has been an excuse why he had not returned my money (illness, family issues, etc). I advised David that I would no longer be entertaining his excuses and I wanted my money in a week. He told me I would have to sign a release of liability to which consented. I never received the release or my money. There are similar reviews of his unethical practices online.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Vickie Bunzey

STOP!!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME. We contacted Mr. Newman June, 2017. It took 10 months to get any kind of progress. We spent months trying to reach him by phone, email and text messages to stay on top of progress for a payment plan we had asked for help with. He had indicated he could set-up payment plans within a couple of months. After taking payment, it was very difficult reach him and get information. He asked for information provided multiples times. He then also asked for additional money. Communication is the worst I have every experienced from a professional. Because he was so ineffective, a bank account was also seized and drained of money. Don't waste your time or money if you are a normal person looking for help. Even though our situation was serious as far as back taxes being owed and we were advised by a CPA that a tax attorney would be good to engage, we found it better to go directly to the IRS and state.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
g b

David Newman provides strong tax advice and support underpinned by a seasoned understanding of the IRS. He is responsive and focused on the needs of his clients. I don’t hesitate to recommend his services.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Jennifer Burden

We contacting Mr. Newman in order to get help with back tax payments. We paid Mr. Newman after our consultation at his home. He took the time to answer questions. So far, I have not had an issue with receiving return calls. Mr. Newman indicated to us that he spoke to the IRS via phone and after his phone call with them he called us back and gave us specific instructions on when and how to send certain documentation. So far, I have no complaints for Mr. Newman, and he has done everything we have agreed to.

He is now being contracted/hired by us to do our Business 2017 tax filing and our Individual tax filing. Even with a 2 week deadline Mr. Newman assured me via a phone conversation that he could have these returns done and filed before the IRS deadline. His fee was very reasonable for this particular service.

The reason I give only 4 stars and not 5 is because the payment for "talking to us initially and talking with the IRS" we thought was a little high. We did most of the "foot work".
Review Left On 11/27/2019
Ken Mooneyham

David was able to help resolve our tax matter in a timely manner. His response time to our initial inquiry was quick, even after business hours.
Review Left On 10/27/2019
Dr. Mike

Incompetent and a liar. Signed off on my audit without my knowledge or consent costing me over 30K in additional taxes. Never gave receipts and always asked for cash. Will not return any email or calls. Being sued for Malpractice. See BBB reviews for more proof !!!
Review Left On 10/27/2019
Deserae Harrison

The absolute worst...David Newman called me back after I had called the law firm earlier and he had an attitude and wasn't even trying to hear what I had to even say. He was so nonchalant and could careless about what I was saying during our conversation. I called him to talk about a tax letter I got and he was like why don't you just respond to them yourself, then when I mentioned that maybe I should amend my taxes he going to say "its to late" when the letter clearly stated that the taxes could be amended but he didn't even let me get to that part. In addition, there were long pauses during his responses like he was doing something else why we were on the phone....like really. He's so unprofessional. Don't go here.
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Doug Fraser

David Newman helped me to resolve an issue with NCDOR involving tax year 2014. NCDOR was claiming income tax owed for a year when I did not reside or work in the state and he assisted me in bringing the matter to a successful resolution for a reasonable fee. I highly suggest utilizing his services for tax issues.
Review Left On 04/27/2019
Steve Mcnair

I enjoyed meeting David on a personal level. He is warm and engaging. I knew immediately upon meeting him that I had made the right choice because of his compassion and knowledge of the law. I would absolutely recommend his services.
Review Left On 03/27/2019
David Deaquino

Mr. Newman has been a big help for me and my family in resolving my tax debt, it does take some time but he gets the job done and I really appreciate his help and recommend him to anyone!
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Jake Wenzel

Our business had some issues with the department of revenue, we got ahold of him a handful of times and he did nothing to help us out, would return phone calls. He must not understand how today's technology works or he just doesn't do his job at all and pays people to give him good reviews.
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Clara Lovely

Paid him a good bit of money to help us out with NCDOR and he dissapeared
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Jeffrey mull

Don't waste your money I paid him 750.00 dollars and he did nothing to help me. He never even filed a piece of paper with anyone. He would not answer my calls or emails until I went to the BBB and he said he would return my money but never did. I have filed a grievance with the NC State bar and they passed it in to be reviewed.
Review Left On 02/27/2018
J Nosnikta

As mentioned in a previous review by another client, it is impossible to get ahold of Mr. Newman. I paid a sum of $1500 for a state tax issue, and have not heard back from him since the middle of January when I was told I would be getting a call with an update in the next day or two. I have called, emailed and attempted to go to his office/home, but it is in a gated community and could not get in. No resolution with the state, and now I am moving forward with a case against him. Beware.
Review Left On 02/27/2018
justin pender

Mr newman does not return phone calls or emails. Gave him 500 in 2014 and after many attempts never got anything settled and he will not return any messages. I wish he would help me like he did these other people but again won't return any calls or emails.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Van Man

My family and I have struggled with making installment payments to the IRS for years. Despite costly involvement of legal firms with inciting promises our finances were becoming unmanageable. We contacted Mr. Newman only a few months ago. With kindness and patience he unraveled our tangled and confusing payment arrangement with the IRS, resulting in a manageable outcome. In contrast to our previous attorneys who wasted thousands of out hard earned dollars with nothing to show for it, Mr. Newman's involvement resulted in savings to our family over one month that more then covered his fee.
I have had the experience of working with many attorneys in the past - this is the first time that I feel compelled and obligated to write a review.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Sara Odom

Mr Newman me and my family would like to thank you for all the help u gave us. Wonderful job kind sir!!!
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Abi & Mahnaz Tayebi

Mr. Newman helped me with penalties which I was charged with by IRS for them not being able to locate my 1120S filing records ! Through his great knowledge and expertise in this field he was able to get all the penalies abated and removed. He is the most caring and kindest gentleman and I can not thank him enough .
Review Left On 02/27/2016
Reema Owens

David Newman has been my Tax Adviser for several years, he has navigated through very complex business tax matters on my behalf with success that I am confident would never have been accomplished with anyone else. He is a true professional and dedicated to his clients.
Review Left On 02/27/2016
Grace Tydek

Process of filing taxes can be complicated and frustrating for many.
David Newman will lead you and assist you with all his specialized
knowledge in taxation and tax law, following the latest rules and regulations
of the IRS.
He is a highly trained and sophisticated tax professional with many years of
experience in taxation and representation in working for his clients.
I am very grateful for his help. Thank you David.
Grazyna Tydek
Review Left On 02/27/2016
April Parker

David has been so helpful and comforting and knowledgeable as we traverse this stressful tax landscape! His expertise is a what we've relied on! Grateful to know him and have him in my camp!
Review Left On 02/27/2016
Steve Cobb

David B. Newman helped me get 100% of my tax penalties abated. I first met David in March 2012 after I had received notice from the IRS that I owed $17,800 for failing to file my 1065 on time. After reviewing my case, David said that he thought he could get this resolved and that I likely would not have to pay anything. Three years and eight months later the IRS finally realized David was right, and the penalties were abated. I would recommend David as his persistence and resolve in my case demonstrates his ability and determination to help his clients through very difficult circumstances. David clearly understands how to navigate the IRS bureaucracy.

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