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Review Left On 02/27/2020
Daniel Hernandez

Thank you Daniel for helping me apply for my green card! You are the best!
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Jose Hernandez

Attorney Christmann is the best! Thank you for helping me with my Green Card!!
Review Left On 02/27/2018
whinny velasquez

One of the most unprofessional law firms I have ever come to work with. Attorney DANIEL CHRISTMANN does not care AT ALL about his cases. He is irresponsible and unorganized in his practice.. and I, along with my husband, unfortunately had to learn the hard way. He took my husband's immigration case, and agreed to help order to request bond hearing. For the first scheduled court hearing, the Attorney was to present himself telephonically... Daniel Christmann not only failed to answer the judges call at the scheduled time, he also did not call me to apologize for his UNPROFESSIONAL AND IRRESPONSIBLE behavior. Therefore, causing the judge to move hearing to a later date and in turn causing the detainee (my husband) more stress and time incarcerated. After my learnining of his absence in court, I furiously contacted his office demanding to speak with the attorney. His paralegals proceeded to give me the run around and apologizing that judge "called too early" and that's why they missed the call. They offered to continue case at no cost to us, WHICH THEY SHOULD HAVE ANYWAYS. The attorney then made deal to continue to file for bond hearing (meanwhile the detainee had a political asylum case the attorney felt "was not a strong enough case" to strike his interest in taking and defending). After the second hearing was scheduled two weeks out, there was STILL no contact from attorney himself, in order to apologize or discuss case further... until we BEGGED for him to call detainee and speak regarding case. A week and a half later, THE DAY BEFORE THE SECOND HEARING, the paralegal has the audacity to call because she and the attorney had "a few more questions regarding the detainee's history here in the US", amongst other things... SOMETHING THEY SHOULD HAVE ALREADY HAD ON FILE AND HAVE BEEN PREPARED FOR WEEKS PRIOR. One the day of SECOND BOND HEARING COURT DATE, the attorney was again not present... but his paralegal. During the hearing they were not only NOT PREPARED for the judge's questions, but they also had a very defeatist attitude and did not fight LIKE THEY SHOULD. DO NOT HIRE THIS LAW FIRM TO REPRESENT IN ANY CASES, ESPECIALLY DANIEL CHRISTMANN. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND DO LITTLE TO NOTHING FOR YOU.

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