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Review Left On 02/27/2020
Scott Tucker

Great lawyer
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Richard Davis

By far the most experienced and educated man I know!!
Review Left On 05/27/2019
kayla soulsby

First off, I will say that I was warned about using him beforehand. I should have listened.

He may have been a decent lawyer back in his day, but that is not the case now. Either that, or he picks and chooses who he will do a good job for and who he will not.

He would not answer texts or e-mails. I sent him a text 9/28 to find out when a court date had been set, because I had not heard anything from him. No response. Text 10/14 to again ask about court date. No response. He had already been given a retainer fee as well. November 2nd I text him after having already sent an e-mail as well, and finally hear back from him. He had a number of excuses as to why I had not heard from him. I believed him and continued the client/attorney relationship.

November 21 roles around and I have heard nothing else from him regarding a court date or anything else. I speak with the other party and they had not even received a counter claim from my attorney. Keep in mind, I hired Mr. Phillips, August 23.

I call the court and he never even requested a temporary hearing! We finally get the temp hearing scheduled for a month away in December.

Court date for temporary hearing comes and the other party does not show up... come to find out, Mr. Phillips sent him to the wrong court house. Instead of sending him to Pickens County, he told him we would be going through Greenville County.

I was thankfully able to work out something with the other party and just needed to get a final hearing to have everything finalized. He was supposed to do that in December. 21.

Jan 7, I send him a message asking about the new court date, no response.

Jan 14, I still have not heard from my attorney, so I call Pickens County. He has not filed paperwork at all for a new hearing. He has had since Dec 21.

Jan 16, I ask him if he had heard anything. He says he cannot get through, however I had called twice and was able to reach someone no problem...

Jan 18, still nothing... he then texts me later that day and says we have a final hearing scheduled for Jan 31.

Jan 31, day of hearing, we get before the judge and he stutters and shuffles papers through the whole thing as if he completely and utterly unprepared. It was almost as if he took absolutely no time to prepare. It was like he had woke up that morning and remembered he had a case.

He told the other party he would mail them final paperwork by the end of that day.

It is now May 16 and the final paperwork still has not been sent to the other party. I have e-mailed, text and called with no response.

I do not recommend this lawyer to anyone.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
James Akers, Jr.

After seeing Mr. Phillips comment on Facebook about Officer Allen Jacobs just a few hours after Jacobs had been murdered, I would never refer anyone to Phillips or recommend anyone use him. When asked about attending a prayer vigil, Phillips replied using his personal Facebook account: "The officer was on the other side of a case than me. My paralegal's ex-husband. It might be best if I stayed put. I WAS looking for something FUN to do with Lindsay, though. I'm shallow like that."
Not only is Mr. Phillips shallow, he is a disgrace to the Travelers Rest and Greenville communities.

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