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Review Left On 02/27/2020
Angelita Shima

Very pleased with the entire process. This firm has excellent training and knows what they are doing ! In my opinion, the best thing to do is don't Worry about anything, keep track of any doc appointments and Show Up. So glad I Choose Bill Gordon & Associates to represent me & my medical claim. Thank You .
Angela B
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Miguel Esperanza

Loved the follow up and follow through at the DC office. Gratitude.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Angela Cosby

this was the worst experience ever.  I received no help or support from this firm.  communication was horrendous. I won my case due to all the work I did, not this firm. but sadly you still got a check.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
lloyd eckerman

I was very pleased with the professional manner in which I was represented by Bill Gordon & Associates. Was also pleased with being kept informed on what was going on and what I could expect. Thank you for your professional and courteous service.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Michelle Pfanzelter

Easy to work with & readily available. No hassles. Would work with this company again & highly def. recommend. Thanks Jon!
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Tina Heathscott

Thanks for all you guys have done , I'm really pleased with your company ,thanks again for everything you have done for me
Review Left On 02/27/2020

I would give them 10 stars if I could. It took 3 years to get my disability approved but it was well worth the wait. This firm was always there when I needed help and had questions and the attorney appointed to my case was magnificent. My case wasn’t an easy one due to my age but this firm and the attorney explained to the judge in a matter most others wouldn’t and I got my approval. I would recommend this firm to anyone with a case that’s gonna be easily denied.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Michele Harris

Bill Gordon and Josh my case manager you are ALL AWESOME
Review Left On 02/27/2020
James Blanding

Thanks again for your help. Everything went smoothly. I am very happy with the service. Again thanks for your help. God bless everyone. I give you all a 5 Star
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Ron Jameson

Thank you for your help and advice through the process. I was expecting it to take forever but it was done in no time. Very nice and helpful people. I am beyond satisfied.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Judy Mitchell

A real law firm. They return call promptly. No run around, straight forward answers.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Beka Spivey

Thank you all for your help and dedication... I'm very pleased with my out come
Review Left On 02/27/2020
terri Harris

Was very pleased with them. They answered any questions I had and returned my phone calls promptly. My attorney went into my hearing very knowledgeable of my particular circumstances.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Ashley Olmsted

Loved these guys! They were all very helpful over the phone every time we spoke, the attorney was great! I just had to go to the doctors and get my infornation to them each visit. I will recommend them to whoever I can.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Amber Wolfe

Absolutely wonderful. Called within hours if I called. Answered every questions I had. My claim was approved and I knew (from time of contact until I found out)3-4 months.
Considering I never dealt with lawyers in the past, I would recommend this angency to everyone.

Review Left On 02/27/2020
Donald Ealy

Very Professional. Courtesy and kept me up to date on my procedures. Again very Professional. Would recommend highly.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
John DuBose

They were very helpful
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Lucy Dunn

Bill Gordon & Associates are a versatile & knowledgeable law firm. They have a network of reliable & through personnel from Caseworkers to Attorney's throughout the country. I was represented by a young lawyer who was very personable, kind and well informed in the legal proceedings of Social Security.

Concerning my claim, I did receive a favorable decision from the Social Security Administration granting my Social Security Disability benefits.

Bill Gordon & Associates are a legal representation of integrity, honesty and above all a loyalty to their clients.

My Sincere Thanks to J Snipes, Attorney & Representative at my Social Security Hearing.

ML Dunn
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Raymond Veitch

Say Alex I'm not sure how to spell your name but I would like to let you know that you done a wonderful job Alex thank you and I hope you do well on the next time you go to the casinos thank you Alex and I hope that you continue to be successful as a lawyer I am going to recommend you to my sister and a few other friends cuz you done one hell of a job thank you
Review Left On 02/27/2020
DaughterOfZion True Israel

They were wonderful. They stayed in contact, it's like they were my friend along the way. They got my SSI very quickly and even afterwards they checked on me. Very good people and very professional.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Natalie Wesley

This firm does excellent work. Awesome job
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Robert Bedoni

I tried three times on my own to get DSSI, got denied, found BGA add in papers and was glade i did, it only took six months, they are Pros at what they do. Thank you BGA for your help, and improving my life. Bless everybody at BGA, your all good people.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Anthony Vaas

Bill Gordon's firm won my case and actually got me more than I even expected! My case manager Amy was great the entire process in keeping me up to date and in the loop as far as information and paperwork needing to be completed. Kudos to a great Law firm!
Review Left On 02/25/2020

Did a great job of representing me and my case. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking at filing for disability
Review Left On 12/27/2019
Jane Tubby

Thank too much
Review Left On 12/27/2019
Jared Bolon

Bill Gordon & Associates is a great practice with knowledgeable and careing staff.I truly appreciate all of the help they were to me in my case. I would suggest that you contact them for this type of professionalism .
Review Left On 12/27/2019
Laura Webster

I would recommend. this firm and no one else .the people are very nice and they are always their if you have any concerns or questions. This law firm will fight for you .the best discission I every made was calling them after social secretary dented me .if you want your social security benefits then you should call them .they are their for only you .
Review Left On 11/27/2019
Kimberly Mazzie

Well long story short, I was told multiple times that I didn’t have enough recent evidence to support my case but luckily the judge understood that I had/have mental issues on top of physical and letting me get my SSI I plan to use That to get me to my appointments for physical doctor to send more proof to them.

Now for bill Gordon part.. honestly in the beginning that I would have a Case manager. But imma be honest with you the case manager didn’t do so much for me she rarely called me back and when she did it was things I already knew because she took so long.

I filed for my case back in June of 2018 and I got denied as they claim u always will. I got bill and them back in sept 2018 and filed an appeal I also went to 2 therapist through Ssi one said I wasnt doing what was needed in that session which was a lie I did everything and answered everything best I could. So they then sent me to another person a gentleman. I seen one physician who I wouldn’t recommend to anyone their staffing was VERY rude and combative.

When it came to bill Gordon I’ll be honest i dont know that they did to much. As far as I knew they rarely got back to me, all the paperwork they get was mailed from me. I made all my phone calls to get them information etc. I was told by the lady that represented me I would most likely be declined... but I will say they did come to the hearing on time, the lady drove 3 hours to that appointment so I would say that’s good. In all honesty I think them charging 25% is a bit much when I felt I was doing all the phone calls and gathering of information. I think SSI people might have gave me the SSI due to the word lawyer in all honesty. But I did win the case with them it’s just can be a hassle to get ahold of anyone.

However I do know if my moms lawyer doesn’t get her what she deserves I would ask Bill Gordon team to help out as they did help me get mine
Review Left On 11/27/2019
Gabriel Gurule

There staff is very efficient.
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Carolyn Lacefield

They were so eager to help me, and did so. I had fought this for 7 years and they finally got me approved with their hard work. They took care of everything also. Anything they needed, all I had to do was sign my name and they'd get it. It was an amazing experience and life changing for sure as I have epilepsy and MS. I really appreciate everything they did for me to win my case! I highly recommend them!
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Brenda Fox

I was nervous about persueing my disability since I had been denied some years earlier but my case manager assured me my case was strong, after my hearing my case was found " fully favorable " thank you Bill Gordon & Assoc. I would refer anybody that is persueing thier disability to Bill Gordon & Assoc
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Michael Moreno

Thank you Bill Gordon & Associates.
Review Left On 08/27/2019
Debra Button

The process of getting a favorable judgement to receive my rightful social security benefits for a legitimate disability was very long and unbelievably complicated. I would not have been able to navigate the bureaucratic demands or had the persistence to follow it through to the end without my team of advocates at Bill Gordon. Thank you for being there.
Review Left On 08/27/2019
Tommy Simmons

I was fantastically impressed with my attorney Johnny at bill Gordon & associates. He did everything I expected of him and plus ten times more if I could have gave them a100 stars I would have. He finally won my case for me after I tried with different attorneys for a matter of 12 years. When I heard he won it for me I broke into tears of joy and sent him a huge thank you card telling him how much I appreciated him and his office. Thank you guys again very very much from Tommy Simmons
Review Left On 08/27/2019
Anna Guson

Fast, helpful,caring,and they never leave you with a doubt in your mind.
Review Left On 07/27/2019
dave moore

Excellent customer service. Everyone that you are in contact with are professional and knowledge. Fast call backs and my counselor I was assigned to was absolutely the best. I would highly rerecomme Bill Gordon and associates to anyone who needs their services.
Review Left On 07/27/2019
linda reel

just seemed like i did more work on my case then Oscar did, i even called and told him that i got approved, he didnt even know but o well what do you do
Review Left On 06/27/2019
Rachel humphrey

They where all very helpful and explained everything in a way I could understand
Review Left On 06/27/2019
john pellicano

Bill Gordon and associates did a great job for me kept me informed about what was going on I'm great full to them.
Review Left On 06/27/2019
Ashley Howell

Best lawyers ever.i really enjoys my time spent with them.ever step of the way they was there.they have your back 1st grade a service
Review Left On 06/27/2019
Heidi Smith

I want to thank Bill Gordon and associates for working so hard on my case and winning with out you I would have not got approved so yes I would. Recommend them I give them hundred stars if I could thank u so much .
Review Left On 06/27/2019
Shell Van

Bill Gordon and associates made a very stressful situation much easier. They got all the facts and pointed us in the right direction. They Worked with us all the way to the end. I highly recommend their service.
Review Left On 05/27/2019
Tony Contreras

They were good and fast... Yes i recommend this company. If u need help with your claim come here.
Review Left On 05/27/2019
franco greco

Bill Gordon and associates done a great job and fast too thanks a lot everyone.
Review Left On 05/27/2019
Carlos Pino

Always quick to get back with me with answers to my questions. Staff always treated me as a person not as a number! Don’t mind recommending Bill Gordon and Associates to everyone! Awesome awesome awesome is all I gotta say
Review Left On 04/27/2019
Ruth Bodencak

Excellent service, did exactly what they said they would. recommend highly
Review Left On 04/27/2019
Juana Aviles

Thanks So much it was so nice the way you work and treated to my and my hard time of sickness to my health and Help me so much Idont have woks to say thanks
Review Left On 03/27/2019
Deatera Brown

I want to Thank Bill Gordon & Associates for helping me get the money that I deserve. I've been claiming and trying to get ssocial security for many yrs and I appreciate all the help!!
Review Left On 03/27/2019
Pete Bass

I was getting no where trying to deal with disability until I retained the services of Bill Gordan, after that it was smooth sailing and I was more then happy with the outcome of my case. Thank you Bill Gordon and associate's...
Review Left On 03/27/2019

This is office was outstanding. Anybody who is filing for disability knows that the wait can be long and sometimes frustrating. They always addressed my concerns and answered any questions I had. I am very glad I chose this lawyer to help me with my case. Had I not had a competent lawyer I do not think I would have won my case. Thank you Bill Gordon and Associates!
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Martha Comstock

I was battling for disability for over a year and contacted Bill Gordon & associates and they got me a lawyer and helped me get my case won. Thank you Bill Gordon & Associates for helping me win. Thank you Mike McLellan.
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Robin Mitchell

They are wonderful firm to have on your side
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Paula Matthews

Could not have done it by myself.Thank you for all the hard work it took awhile but was well worth it. Thank you Alice for always being there for me listening to all I had to say.Thank you Bill Gordon and Associates!!!
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Carmilla Redfern

I never received call backs, questions were not answered. I did not feel like I was listened to at all. They didn't apply for proper benefits, so even though I got a fully favorable decision, I am still having to reapply for other benefits. Frustrated to say the least.
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Moses Mercea

i couldn't have done it without them! They knew what, where, when, and how to get my documents to whom. my case manager Sean was always just a call away and i was able to rest assured in the expertise Bill Gordon & Assoc. possessed. Do yourself a favor and don't go it alone, they know what it takes to get some resolve to your situation.
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Bev Allen

I'm very satisfied with the representation that Bill Gordon and Associate's have provided. I would recommend Bill Gordon and Associate's to anyone that needs representation.
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Ron Blanch

I was represented by a great attorney from Bill Gordon & Associates by the name of John O'Neil. John did an outstanding job for me and I highly recommend him for you.
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Cecilia Cruz

My case was a long four year struggle on top of feeling unhealthy. After two years I contacted Bill Gordon & Associates to help with my appeal. But when it was time for my appeal hearing...low and behold, it took a matter of 15 minutes with the judge and all was approved. Yay!!! I did have to do a lot of legwork but absolutely worth it. Very pleased with the attorney that helped me.
Review Left On 02/27/2018
josh L

These lawyers are goddamn jokes they suck at their job they don't call back at all even when you leave my voice message
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Teresa A.

Having the RIGHT ATTORNEY is vital. With 20-years as a legal secretary I know the importance of an attorney with experience and skill. While my case was pretty cut and dried, I knew from our discussions that they were fully prepared to rise to the occasion if required. I am very pleased with Sofia of Bill Gordon & Associates. She is the yardstick by which others should be measured. Thank you for representing me.
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Kathy Candelaria

Bill Gordon didn't do anything for us.we did all the leg work getting our medical records.every time we call about case know one knew anything.took 4yrs .when they said it would take 6mths every time we were going disqualifie them they say were almost there.I don't advise anyone going to Bill Worthless.Gordon He was not worth the pay (period)
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Deanna F

I am pleased. Court hearing is soon!
Review Left On 02/27/2018
kevin underdue

Its NOW March 9th 2017, and I am kept informed of my case, I am pleased with how they keeping me updated.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Karen Waller

i've had great exspearence with him and i will them again .i just can't spell .
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Shawn & Felicia Richesin

Awful service! Showed up unprepared, with out my file. Did not turn any of my info to the Judge. It was awful!!!!
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Mela Love

Worst attorneys ever dont call back never know whats going on with your case. Sending you lawyers to your court who know nothing of your case at all. This is ridiculous and they expect to get paid this is bull i had to take my own medical records to the judge cause they didnt i had to pay for the disability dr to see me this is crap i think im getting screwed its been 3 years and no help from them at all.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Jenn Mulherin

Bill Gordon & Associates has been no help for me at all. After two years of hard work (pretty much on my part since they didn't even get half of my medical documentation) and attending my hearing with a lawyer who arrived ten minutes right before the hearing started and didn't even defend my case at all, my claim has been denied again.

I'm highly dissatisfied with this company, and would not recommend them to anyone.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Oronde Carson

They dont keep my mom update on her case
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Tim Becker

I have the same problem with contacting anyone who can tell me anything or being updated on statis of my case...They may be doing a Awesome job for Me...Who knows?? I would just like to what's going on...Only 2 stars on making Me feel Important to Them.!!!
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Liz Griego

I tried to make an appointment, and the person I spoke to gave me more information about what they could not do, than what they could do. Not helpful at all.

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