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McGuire Law Firm
McGuire Law Firm Reviews

Review: John is by far the top tax lawyer in Colorado. I called around and many of his competitors will scare you into much higher rates, at a time your most vulnerable.

John was different. He is like having both a friend and a professional represent you. He follows up with you and the IRS promptly, and let you know all of your options at an affordable man rate. Truely a godsend. Thank you John Read More

Long Law Group, LLC
Long Law Group, LLC Reviews

Review: Best Accounting/Tax Law Firm I have ever worked with. They are so comprehensive across the board. Stephanie and her crew have saved us a lot of money by taking the time to understand the complexities of our tax situation. Brian explains the intricacies of our taxes in a way that I actually understand. Peter has structured a plan to help protect us from the inherent liability issues that come with owning investment property and is facilitating the creation of our Will/Trust.
Sue is the best b... Read More

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