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All Star Real Estate
All Star Real Estate Reviews

Review: We had a lot in Pahrump NV that no real estate person wanted to sell for us. They said they would not make enough if sold it for us. We went to Cathy at All star real estate and she sold it in two weeks and we made money. There the BEST in Pahrump NV Read More

District Attorney-Civil Division
District Attorney-Civil Division Reviews

Review: I am an out-ofstate retired attorney, but this office refuses to meet with me or answer questions about civil rights. This office authorized an unconstitutional arrest which resulted, of course, in an acquittal. This office is run by cowboy attorneys who sat for the easy to pass Nevada bar exam, NOT the hardest bar exam in the U S that I sat for. They would be disbarred in my home state. Read More

Dr. Shouping Li, MD
Dr. Shouping Li, MD Reviews

Review: First and only visit to Dr. Li, he came in exam room, never looked at me or offered a courteous greeting. Never made eye contact, then put a lab slip down next to me and said "get lab work done". That's it. No salutation. He should have handed me the lab sheet!
Another instance, my husband had a major stroke, Dr. Li was the attending physician at ER. I told him all the pertinent information and he wrote down all the wrong data! He impeded the process for my husband to get vital attention.Read More

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