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Griffin Legal Group
Griffin Legal Group Reviews

Review: i am simply impressed by how they worked my case and how they care about their clients. very transparent and upfront with me from start to finish. they desire the highest marks. Read More

Mable & Mable
Mable & Mable Reviews

Review: Mr. Mable is very knowledgeable and professional. I was impressed with the time he took to explain everything to me, making certain I understood all my options. He was very organized and made everything easy for me. He came highly recommended and I was so grateful for his patience and pricing too. Read More


Review: Excellent company full of knowledge regarding legal issues and very professional in their abilities working with and around the judicial system.

TCL is well versed with the legal terms and law terminology. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of their assistance. Read More

In Trust Legal
In Trust Legal Reviews

Review: I was looking just to update my old will and trust, then get forms myself to change my home into the trust to keep out of probate, plus was going to complete my Advance Health care on my own. My trust was outdated and over 20 years old. Carol reviewed the will and trust and advised everything could be redone including the Advance Health Care and Power of Attorney. The entire process did not take very long and in less than a week, everything was completed and house was changed into the trust ... Read More

Jacoby Reina L
Jacoby Reina L Reviews

Review: I just want to say thank you so much Reina for all your fine work that you did for my Girlfriend Mary, I called you and right away got a good feeling that you really wanted to help her out and that you really cared about what she was going through in her divorce. Your services were very prompt and professional, this was a very stressful time in our lives and you stepped up and made our lives less stressful, I highly recommend this service to anyone going through the same thing. Reina knocked i... Read More

Tomieanna Campros, Paralegal Services
Tomieanna Campros, Paralegal Services Reviews

Review: Tomieanna is a remarkable Paralegal. Seems like she can do just about anything you need. Divorce, wills, POA's, etc. Read More

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