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PC, Sierra IP Law
PC, Sierra IP Law Reviews

Review: This place has violated my rights with a patent. And will be sued very very soon! Read More

Precipice IP PLLC
Precipice IP PLLC Reviews

Review: I’m exploring trademark possibilities and a friend/business colleague referred me to Angela. Angela was very friendly and gave points to consider that I was unaware of.
Thank you Angela! Read More

The Law Office of Jonathan A. Bay
The Law Office of Jonathan A. Bay Reviews

Review: Concerning my trademark, I've worked with John for many years, and he's always been pleasant and professional. He's contacted me months in advance when the trademark comes due, and recently assisted me in changing the concentration of my business. I have no experience with him outside this trademark, but where that type of work is concerned, I'd recommend him to anybody. Read More

Stockwell & Smedley PSC
Stockwell & Smedley PSC Reviews

Review: Nice, professional and responsive. Read More

Johnston Holroyd
Johnston Holroyd Reviews

Review: Bob Holroyd=Man of the Year! Read More

Martensen IP
Martensen IP Reviews

Review: Truly enjoyed talking to this company. Above and beyond with their kindness and willingness to speak to you about your situation even before setting up a consultation. This tells me that they have a heart to serve. It seems like a very special team .... and a big shout out to Mike Martensen. He was so professional, so respectful, and full of valuable knowledge and wisdom. Wonderful. Read More

LLC, Brenda L. Speer
LLC, Brenda L. Speer Reviews

Review: When I was the Executive Director of the Small Publishers Association, Brenda Speer provided educational information on intellectual property to our members. Working with her with both in-person presentations and newsletter articles, Brenda knowledgeable and easy to work with. Scott Flora Read More

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