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Education Attorney Molly Watson

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Review Left On 02/27/2020
Gloria Van Maren

Martha Miller- She was always confused, requesting all school ieps and all other school documents, which I had mounds of.
After I spent much time and effort getting her all those documents, she would say she didn't understand why I needed a due process hearing. Then with all information in front of her, she would ask questions that were easily understood if she read any of the documents I gave her.
Furthermore, I was on a deadline to file due process, after I confronted her on the delays, and ongoing confusion she had, that I needed a face to face appointment, so we could go through my child's complete files. This is when she tells me, that she dont have meetings with clients until she decides if she is going to take their case.
Well, this is the first time she stated she wasn't sure if she was taking his case.
All the time wasted with her, all my kids files for 2 years, because, yes he was only going into 1st grade. But our deadline for due process filing was a mere months away.
Martha Miller is unorganized, fairly confused on simple conversation, and insensitive. I spent so much time copying my child's files, then she insisted on me mailing her the file, this cost me well over 50$
After she let me know she was unwilling to meet up, I canceled her, and asked for all my kids files.
Do you know, she has a office in Roseville?
About 5 minutes from my house? That's where I picked up my kids files.
Oh, yes, she had me copy every dang thing, which cost a lot, then ship to her.
Martha Miller, is horrible. Alls she did was waste my time and cost me money, and lots of frustration.
Dont waste your time on her, you dont have any time to spare, with your special needs kids.
Review Left On 02/27/2020

Martha Millar was very helpful in addressing our kid’s special education needs. Her professionalism and knowledge of the applicable laws and procedures were pivotal in ensuring that we received such desirable results
Review Left On 02/27/2017
Stacy Cullen

I would not recommend attorney Martha Millar to handle 504 hearings, Manifestations, or Special Education, Expulsions. Ms. Millar was hired to handle these issues for us. She did not tell us until after the hearings that she had issues with the context of the hearings. Not only was she unorganized, she didn’t know the material, and in the end, she made our issues worse than before. We hired a new attorney only to find out that if Martha would have handled our case correctly, we would have only had to have a 504 and Manifestation hearing. The Expulsion would have never taken place. She caused my family additional heartache, stress, and great expense. If Ms. Millar would have handled our case correctly, our family would not still be suffering till this day.

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