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Review Left On 02/27/2020

My name is Estrella, I’m from Philippines
I have been a U.S. citizen since 1981 coming from and have been able to work hard to provide a good life for my family. As time went by I retired from the health and home care profession. I decided to petition my daughter and her two children after a friend of mine gave me information about a particular law firm that he saw on an advertisement bulletin post that was on the outside of the company’s vehicle. We both met with attorney Francis R Henriquez and her staff. We were very impressed with the way we were treated, very professional and courteous. Even went beyond the call of duty and provided a translator to speak (Togalo Philippines) with no extra charges, cost, or fees. Very true. Everyone performed as a real team and completed their part extremely well. They would always returned my phone calls and would give a update to our case without having to constantly wonder about our case, the office also has a cellphone that you can always text any question even on weekends, and promptly they get back to you with a response, even if the messages said On Monday someone will call you back (that means a lot to me) you do not get this treatment everywhere (and for sure someone always called back). Now all my co-workers that needs an attorney I 100% recommend the Attorney Francis Henriquez. Some of them (the ones that can do something) are in process already with this firm and they are happy because the attorney told them true (what they can or cannot do). Very honest attorney.

I really can’t say enough how well attorney Francis R. Henriquez and her office provided a service for our family to be together again. We are currently going over everything to begin working on my two grandchildren’s case. I am sure the firm of attorney Francis R. Henriquez and Associates INC will continue more excellent work on behalf of my two grandchildren, now that my daughter has made it here with me in the U.S. as a permanent resident.

Thank you attorney Francis Henriquez. I truly recommend you to all my friend and family.
Review Left On 02/27/2020
gilardo tay

My Name is Gildardo Tay

I was several years without legal documents in the United States.

In 2005, I obtained a work permit through the political asylum process, for which I was in immigration court until I was released under the law P.D. (Persecution Discretion) in year 2014.

My father, being a permanent resident of the United States, had put me in a family petition in 2010. Thank God we found the lawyer Francis R. Henriquez (through a client of her). After years he became a citizen (with the help of Lawyer Francis Henriquez) the attorney re-applies the application as the eldest son of a citizen.

The lawyer Francis Henriquez and her team were in charge of the entire immigration case, they helped me in everything ... I felt so happy when my WAIVER was approved in the United States .... immediately the Attorney Francis Henriquez re-opened my asylum case to obtain a final hearing with the judge and close my case with voluntary departure to my country. (It sounds dangerous, but I put all my trust in God and in the lawyer Francis, who is super honest and dynamic, knows a lot about the laws of immigration and criminality) The Lawyer programmed everything from the US And I had THE APPOINTMENT IN THE AMERICAN EMBASSY IN MY COUNTRY GUATEMALA on May 11, 2018 and precisely / Exactly how the lawyer Francis prepared me and said it .. I was asked for evidence the voluntary departure of the court.

I give thanks to God and to the lawyer Francis Henriquez and his team that helped me and were with me all the time I was away for 2 exact weeks, they did not leave me for a single moment. "And in 2 weeks I was back in the US…. 2 weeks later I got the much-desired Green Card) in my hands!

Since then I had returned to Guatemala twice to helping the victims and people in need of the Volcan de Fuego tragedy this year of 2018 in Guatemala. We have and are helping with food, clothing, shoes, and finances .... I do not fit in my heart with joy ... and for that reason I want to testify that I am very happy for the great work of my family lawyer Francis R. Henriquez (sincerely, of my part and on behalf of my family too. Thank you, Attorney Francis Henriquez, you are a great lawyer, may God continue to bless you in order to help So many people in need of good lawyers like you.

I Gildardo Tay, very sincerely and with all my heart I recommend the lawyer Francis R. Henriquez for her honesty, rectitude and confidence in taking any case as difficult as it is and if she is denied she appeals until someone listens to her and wins her cases ... I give testimony because he has done it with me, with my parents and brothers

Thank you Att: Gildardo Tay

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