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Review Left On 02/27/2020
J. Fullwood

I DO NOT recommend Aaron Stiles or Downtown Legal Group for an attorney. I hired him because he was a "friend of a friend" and had an extremely negative experience. He initially agreed to represent my very time-sensitive case in the manner I requested, but after I paid his retainer fee (which his office lost for a week), he then would not return my phone calls for another week! When I finally called and caught him off guard at his office, he quickly became condescending and argumentative with me, changed his tune and insisted to take my case a in a complete different direction than we had initially spoke about, which would have only delayed my case by many months and easily cost me in the tens of thousands of dollars, and possibly much more. He then "terminated" me because I questioned how he now wanted to handle my case, but not before taking a large chunk of my money for his "time". In his exact words, "I have too many other cases of people who follow my advice to deal with the trouble". I had provided him multiple land documents to review for my case, all of which he interpreted incorrectly. He is a real estate attorney who claimed to know it all, but his advice proved and was confirmed to be completely wrong when it came down to the Norman land ordinances and procedures. Had he not terminated, I would have fired him in a heartbeat. My opinion is that he was out only for what would make him more money, when there was a much easier and cheaper alternative. I immediately hired a new real estate attorney who was competent and took care of my legal request in 3 days with minimal expense and absolutely no issues!! Do not trust this guy with your legal needs! I wish the bad reviews had been there when I hired him.
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Royce Bottoms

Aaron Stiles lied to his client. Lied to the judge. Justified it by calling me a loser with a long list of creditors. I have no creditors. My dad does. I'm a junior. No attention to detail.
Review Left On 02/27/2017
kevin gregory

Review Left On 02/27/2017
Rufus Spear

These guys are good. Solid. But you also have to take into account the Judge that they deal with. These guys laid it out plain and simple in my case, all the Judge had to do was use his common sense. But being that I was the only brown guy in the room and even though Mr. Stiles befuddled their claims, I got the short end of the straw. They're good, they're ethical.
Review Left On 02/27/2014
Lyn Andarakes

Jason is fantastic... I really knows the law and is so willing to help you. I would highly recommend him for ANY legal advice or work I need none. You will not be disappointed if you turn to him. Please do .... give Jason call if you need legal advice.
Review Left On 02/27/2014
eric robertson

Jason is very helpful and cares about what's going on. He is pretty laid back and will explain your options. I would totally recommend him to everyone if you need legal help.
Review Left On 02/27/2013
A.D. Huffman

The Stiles Legal Group over billed and under delivered. They set my case back almost a year, and filed one pleading, which contained a number of errors. When I disputed my bill, the attorney proceeded to call my husband and I names and threaten us. The adequacy of their representation was sub par. Beware.

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