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Review Left On 06/27/2019
notaloserlikeu UrEw

The Atty is supposedly an Artist. At any rate - the Office Administrator in the back room bent over backwards to create a Hostile environment. My friend rarely drinks and was raised Mormon but Tony had his support staff serving wine to lure ppl in there and in hopes to sell his Photography. My friend Doesn't drink hardly ever but since they offered - she knows the doctors say red is good for your heart so she accepted a cup of red wine, along with some cheese and berries. My friend Doesn't have a sweet tooth and Doesn't know much about wine since she rarely drinks. The woman working in the back offered to let my friend sample it to make sure it was OK. At any rate - the worker dropped the glass in Lieu of handing it to my friend. Due to the Fact the office rep was too busy giving my friend dirty looks and Imposing Bizarre comments. After Tony's office admin dropped it she poured my friend a new one. She peppered us with Immaterial questions and was Hostile in other ways. We tried to ignore her Ugliness and focus on the Art. There was Also a contest to vote. We left and didn't buy Anything. A member of our group reported the Concerns of the Unprofessional Abusive worker to the Managing partner, Mr. Tony Freeman. So the woman who Harassed my friend to Retaliate gave my friend More dirty looks and Abusive comments and the next time we went to the Artwalk the rep sneared and Hostily snapped that she was supposedly, "still trying to get the wine out of the carpet from last time," and refused to offer my friend wine and was Nasty. My friend didn't care about the wine as we Don't drink much anyway - That Wasn't the Point - my friend Doesn't really drink anyway so she didn't care about that Obviously - it was the Fact that the worker was trying to Retaliate for us Reporting her Abuse - It was the rep's Demeanor and False accusations and Hostility. The woman is Psychotic!!!! Geez. She Obviously went to work in the industry due to the Fact she's Insecure, and a Bully & a Liar. Creepy!!! She certainly is Not good PR for that office. She embarasses herself and Tony. Sleazy that she Maliciously Attempted to Shift the Focus and "Cloud" the issue and in a Malicious attempt to make it look like my friend was supposedly a drunk or something. Lol. Obviously the woman who poured it dropped it and my friend never even held it in her hand. And if the office worker really believed,
a. my friend dropped it (which again when it happened the worker acknowledged she dropped it), or
b. It was due to her being drunk, then Obviously why did the worker apologize at the time and pour her another one to replace it. It was Obvious her Abusive attitude was in response to us reporting her Bizarre, Abusive Unprofessional misconduct.

No the issue is that she didn't like that another group who Witnessed her Unprofessional Misconduct and Harassment reported her Bizarre, Abusive Unprofessional Misconduct and so Tony's worker was Maliciously trying to Retaliate and used that Tactic to shift the focus and try to discredit my friend and take things out of Context. Weird. She must be Insecure or something. And Obviously likes to Bully ppl. It was basically a very Creepy thing that catty insecure women do - Lol - it was OBVIOUSLY Totally Unnecessary and Abusive & just Reflected Poorly on Tony & his company.

This is a Common Tactic of ppl in the supposed legal industry btw -They are very Abusive. I have worked in Law firms but there are SOME decent ppl (like me!) However Abusive Sleazy Tactics like this are Common in the industry, unfortunately as They are Psychotic ppl who derive a Bizarre pleasure from Harassing innocent ppl and Slandering them. I doubt this Creepy woman treats Tony like that and I doubt she would have done that if Tony was Witnessing it - That's how Cowards/bullies and Liars operate after all. Just a weird experience that Damages of the Credibility of the firm, and makes them look Spiteful & Immature.

It wouldn't surprise me if Tony never saw the concerns sent through the web site. And his office admin Blocked him from seeing it.

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