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Review Left On 02/27/2020
Bernardo Tamez

My experience with Lawfecta has been very good. My paralegal is very diligent and capable. Thank you Lawfecta!!
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Morgan Ross

Lawfecta has been a great experience for me. Easy communication and great work product. Shout out to Sanyale!!
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Jeremy Fancher

I have been very impressed with everyone at Lawfecta's professionalism and speedy responses. I was able to secure key legal assistance in a matter of days, and the assigned legal assistant is great to work with and produces quality work product. Thanks!
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Jonathan Mendoza

I have had a positive experience with Lawfecta. My questions were answered in a prompt manner and registration was simple. More importantly, they listened and provided the right candidate for the job. Working with Gabriela has been a pleasure. She genuinely cares about her job and goes above and beyond of what is expected. Thank you!
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Brian Horan

Whether you're looking for help on a single case, or a great team without all the overhead, Lawfecta is a great resource for you. Stacey, the owner is highly knowledgeable, detail oriented and dedicated to her clients. I worked with her for several years prior to the inception of Lawfecta, and have nothing but praise for her. Thank you for never letting me down, Stacey.
Review Left On 02/23/2020
E. Barney Gesas

I have a small complex civil litigation law firm in Salt Lake City. My experience with Lawfecta from the outset has been a top tier support team. Specifically, Eula J. has understood my demands and turn around dates in my practice. I would recommend Lawfecta to any lawyers need immediate and high quality support.
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Pahoua Lor

My paralegal (Shirley G) and I are off to a good start. Everything is about communication and we are both learning each other's preferences. So far, I like that she prefers communication via email and I am happy with what she has produced so far. She checked on local rules and made sure to comply with local rules which is a huge bonus. I am hopeful that our working relationship will continue to grow and be positive. Very easy to use and book.
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Mike Cardoza

Lawfecta came to the rescue when our firm had an urgent need for experienced personnel - like yesterday! The onboarding process was simple and direct and the services provided were as advertised. What a relief - thank you!
Review Left On 07/27/2019
Gloria Perez-Stewart

I have been very happy with the knowledge and expertise of the paralegal working with me from Lawfecta and with her speed and professionalism. I would recommend trying Lawfecta, especially if you are a solo or small firm that needs consistent support.
Review Left On 06/27/2019
Amanda Rokita

Great resource for small firms requiring support staff without the need to commit to the headaches and hassle of managing employees and the logistics involved.
Review Left On 03/27/2019
Michael Risher

Lawfecta has been exactly what I hoped it would be; I'm not a heavy user, but working with Sherrie has given me some extra hours in the day at crunch time, and her work has been great.

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