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Celli Marilyn C

Attorney in Hesperia, CA
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Review Left On 02/27/2020
Londa Arden

Marilyn Celli was my attorney in 93, they dont call her the "bleeder", for kicks! asked 3 women who used Celli!!! The best, we plan on using her for a relative very soon!
Review Left On 02/27/2015
Karen Reich

Marilyn Celli took my money, then rolled over. She was allowed to withdraw from my case just weeks before the trial phase of the divorce. Therefore the scales of justice were not balanced. Then to top it off, she released a lien on property that she had placed for my benefit when my ex quit paying court ordered support, He called me to release the lien in 2000 and I refused until he paid me what he owed me. Marilyn Celli, after withdrawing when I needed her the most, released the lien when she had no business doing anything on my behalf as she had withdrawn!!! The state bar could have gotten involved in fining and disciplining Ms. Celli had I notified them within their time frame!!! So, Ms Celli got away with acting on my behalf when in fact she had no legal basis to do so, other than acting for her fellow lawyers Kerrie Justice and 'Anne Lewis....All thieves.....

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